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Definition A defect in the development of bone and cartilage, thought to be inherited.
Alternative Names 
Causes, incidence, and risk factors Achondrogenesis is a rare type of dwarfism . It is usually fatal at birth or soon after.
  • very short trunk, arms, legs and neck
  • head appears large in relation to the trunk
  • small lower jaw
  • narrow chest
  • Signs and tests X-rays show characteristic bone abnormalities.
    Treatment No treatment is available. Genetic counseling may be appropriate.
    Support Groups 
    Expectations (prognosis) The outcome is generally very poor. Many infants with achondrogenesis are stillborn or die shortly after birth because of breathing problems related to the abnormally small chest.
    Complications This condition is often fatal early in life.
    Calling your health care provider (This condition is often diagnosed on the first examination of an infant.)