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AMAmed gives you the ability to make informed choices about your family’s health

With AMAmed you get information to learn more about your medical condition, better understand your management and treatment options, and have a better dialogue with your health care providers. Physicians at major academic medical centers worldwide rely on complete and current medical information to answer their clinical questions.

Now you have AMAmed and can find your information here, so with confidence you can make your medical decisions in partnership with your healthcare provider. Start now by entering your search term here in the Health Encyclopedia.


Find a Doctor
AMAmed Find a Doctor contains professional information about virtually every physician in the United States.

Search for Symptoms
AMAmed Search for Symptoms is designed to help you understand what your medical symptoms could mean, allowing you to find the information you need to help you decide when to treat yourself and when to call your doctor.

Search Medical Conditions
AMAmed Search Medical Conditions is a medical and health search that allows you to look for relevant medical information on diseases and conditions.

Diet and Nutrition
AMAmed Diet and Nutrition search helps you find information for common questions about nutrition, diet, and toxins.

Surgeries and Procedures
AMAmed Surgeries and Procedures facilitates your research using the Health Encyclopedia for easy-to-understand explanations of surgical procedures.

Hot Topics
AMAmed Hot Topics makes available information on current issues and trends in the news related to health care.

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